sparrow with nesting material in beak on a branch

” Who is this sparrow?”

I can almost hear you think: “sparrow? Yes, sparrow. Is this a website about birds? Then, what in the world…?”

12933133_974018675978968_9058054588282532568_nLet me introduce myself: My name is Petra, I am 48 years young and a proud wife, mother and grandmother. I am also a Christian, passionate about the Word, love to journal and pretty paper, and I doodle. Yes, also in my Bible. I have a “good” one for church. I do need to be able to read in it 🙂

The song ” His eye is on the sparrow” inspired me to the name of this website. And so I am the sparrow. Little ole me feels closely and lovingly watched by God and since the mission of a Christian is to proclaim Christ, I chirp via this medium and my other social media platforms.

I was born and raised in The Netherlands, hence the orange theme color 🙂 Moved December 2014 to The USA to live with my American husband. We took care of a dear, dear friend who died September 2015.

Now I am working part time at a high end office furniture designer in Michigan.(Wow, long description, but correct).

My little nest on the internet is inspired by the Word in many aspects. I blog about daily, bible inspired things and my creative side. This site is pretty new and I have taken some time to revamp multiple times until I thought it was the way it should look. So very soon there will be more posts and some surprises on here too, so check back soon!

“What’s your denomination?”

Well, I don’t like labels to be honest. But for the record: I was baptized into the Dutch Reformed denomination. I had a children’s Bible and went to Sunday school. We went to church at Christmas Eve. After my parents died 5 months apart, I needed answers. What happens when you die? I finally really opened God’s Word and after reading that you need to turn from your old ways and be baptized and make disciples…I found the nearest church that baptized adults and my new label became Baptist. Now that I have moved from The Netherlands to the US, I have found a super wonderful church (and I mean the people, not the building in itself. It is beautiful though). This church is of the Christian Reformed denomination. But I call myself a follower of Christ. Aren’t we supposed to be His body? In that case, we are supposed to be more and more like Him, so how could there be denominations? Just asking.

Why a blog?

Well, a sparrow is just a sparrow and I would love to build a flock, so to speak. Sharing my walk and daily application with you and you with me, dear reader, makes it delightfully interactive! To add to the interactive aspect, I added a page on which you can request prayers. By no means am I an authority. I just hope to inspire you and to be inspired by you. I have posted a Bible study method just for that reason. It is so nice to know how to apply to real life what you learn. You can find it here.

My husband and I are working on planner pages for women and…men! SO don’t be surprised when a shop suddenly appears 🙂

I hope you will feel at home real soon! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to listen to me chirp!


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